Blending Stem With The Arts Terri Wattawa

Blending STEM With The Arts

As America’s secondary schools drop further behind other developed nations in the area of science, technology, engineering and math, many experts have suggested ideas to bring America back to the forefront. One of those ideas is a novel approach to STEM education, namely, the blending of the arts with the teaching of the scientific disciplines. […]

Samsung Stepping Up In Stem Education Terri Wattawa

Samsung Stepping Up In STEM Education

A popular shift in education is the focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, more commonly known as simply STEM. This is largely because the biggest demand for open jobs are in areas that require in depth knowledge of these core subjects. Job growth is occurring faster in STEM than in any other area currently. […]

Is The Focus On STEM Education Ignoring What It Is?

A hot topic in the field of education is STEM learning. It is designed to help students get a better understanding in some of the most important subjects that employers are hoping students have thoroughly learned when they enter the workforce. But how exactly does STEM learning mean and is it the best way to […]

How To Improve Science Education in the U.S

The United States’ science education system is ranked in 21st place out of other members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Since testing began in the 1960s, students in the U.S. have been slowly sinking towards the bottom of the list in regards to proficiency. The shift to emphasis on test scores began […]

Teacher Recommendations To Help Students With Math

According to a new survey about math education, a couple of the major stumbling blocks that students face in terms of math success are poor performances in previous math classes and low confidence. This survey of over 400 high school math teachers came from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The results showed that […]

The Value of Teaching Students Code

Teaching kids of all ages to code will help them prepare for their future in a number of ways even if they don’t intend on working in a STEM field. Of course, if they do, learning to code will boost their familiarity with relevant skills as well. Here’s a quick overview of why it’s important […]

Teaching Science Without a Textbook

What do most people think of when “science” pops to mind? Lab coats, microscopes, rulers, fume hoods, and other lab equipment likely enter the front of most everyone’s imaginations when “science” crosses their consciousness. Science is currently a nationwide standard by which students’ and schools’ comprehension and performance are compared to one another. However, science […]

Teaching Tips for First-Time Science Teachers

Teaching science can be a daunting task especially if it is your first time doing so. The task of teaching, in general, can be intimidating, but it is important to remember why you are doing this. You want to broaden the horizons of young minds and expose them to things they were previously unknown to. […]

What Have We Learned_

What Have We Learned?

So…what did you learn? For the past couple months, I have been fortunate to return to the classroom and learn with amazing juniors and seniors about the wonderfully wild world of Biotechnology.  As we wound down the semester, I asked my students to reflect on what they wished we (adults) knew about high school.   Their […]

The Importance of Women in STEM

The Importance of Women in STEM

According to the United States Census Bureau, women in this country make up almost fifty percent of the workforce. However, from that number, only 26% are working in fields related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) compared to the 74% of men in the area. Unfortunately, this gap seems to be broadening as well. […]

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