A popular shift in education is the focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, more commonly known as simply STEM. This is largely because the biggest demand for open jobs are in areas that require in depth knowledge of these core subjects. Job growth is occurring faster in STEM than in any other area currently. So how exactly has Samsung stepped up to support STEM in schools and what do they hope to accomplish in doing so?


  • Supported A Hands On STEM Program For Youth
  • Prepares A Generation Of Problem Solvers
  • Grows An Interest In STEM As A Future Career Path


Supported A Hands On STEM Program For Youth

Through the generous donations and efforts of Samsung, the Boys and Girls Club of America DIY STEM Program is changing the lives of thousands of students who may not otherwise have exposure to this kind of education. Students get to interact with a variety of projects to see the real world creations that come about when STEM principals are applied.


Prepares A Generation Of Problem Solvers

One of the biggest principals of STEM education is to teach students how to be problem solvers as opposed to memorizing a process and repeating it. This program allows students to work with problems that have no concrete correct answers, and use techniques that do such as mathematics and scientific principals. As this type of thinking is developed, a generation of outside of the box thinkers will come to businesses like Samsung and many others ready to take on a variety of challenges. Samsung has made the early investment in the generation that will one day take over the company.


Grows An Interest In STEM As A Future Career Path
Through this program sponsored by Samsung, it is estimated that between eighty five and ninety percent of the students who participated found it to be beneficial and increased their interest in the STEM field. This means that almost nine out of ten students left this program more likely to pursue a STEM related profession than when they walked in. If more programs like this can be sponsored, their will undoubtedly be a healthy supply of prepared professionals waiting to add value to thousands of companies across the globe.