Teacher Recommendations To Help Students With Math Terri Wattawa

According to a new survey about math education, a couple of the major stumbling blocks that students face in terms of math success are poor performances in previous math classes and low confidence. This survey of over 400 high school math teachers came from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The results showed that these students do not need any math genius to excel in the subject but rather practice, confidence, and real-world connections. Let’s a take a look at a few of the recommendations that can help students with math.


Top 3 Success Factors

According to the teachers from the survey, the top three success factors to a high performance in math are as follows: working hard to understand math concepts and knowing when to apply them versus the typical memorizing formulas (75%); having the desire, initiative, and motivation to succeed (63%); and finally, having the confidence in their abilities and believing they can succeed (48%).


Boosting Interest In Math

Real-World application can be very beneficial when you are trying to increase your student’s interest in math. In fact, eighty percent of teachers have said that they apply math concepts to real-world problems in order to engage their students and increase their understanding. Another 49% said that they can build their students’ confidence by helping them excel at a lower level of math and then begin working up from there.


Parental Support

Many of the teachers who were surveyed listed the following three things as what parents can do to help their children succeed in math: avoid speaking negatively about math (73%); encourage their students to seek help when needed, like from a friend, teacher, or outside resource (70%); and show more interest in their children’s math studies and talk about what they learned in math class that day (45%).


These are just a few of the many recommendations that teachers have that can help increase their students’ performance in math. Math can be an enjoyable subject for students as long as it is presented in the right way that keeps students engaged and boost their confidence in the subject. Pursuing STEM careers has become more important in today’s society, and it is crucial for students to feel confident in the various STEM subjects which include math. So, teachers must make an effort to motivate and inspire their young people to pursue these careers, but it begins their increasing their performance in the subjects.